COSTA RICA – Portantorchas

Founded in 1991, Portantorchas is situated on 5 acres with colourful gardens and trees. The spacious living accommodation provides room for 30 students. This limited number creates a small family atmosphere, which leads to close fellowship and lasting friendships. The grounds are perfect for spots, picnics, and for spending quiet time with God.

The Bible School Program is a one-year school designed for students to experience the life of Christ through the study of God’s word in a community environment while ministering to those in need in the community. We seek to maintain a family atmosphere through shared responsibilities, group worship, and group activities.

Address: Portantorchas, 1291-2150 Moravia, San José, Costa Rica
Telephone: 506-2229-3584
Fax: 506-2229-4509
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