ALBANIA – Udhëkryq Kolonjë

Udhëkryq (pronounced “oo-the-krooch”) is a Bible School, Camp and Conference Centre. It is located in the town of Erseka, in southeastern Albania, near the Greek boarder. Albainia once delcared itself “the world’s first atheistic nation”. Now the church in Albania is growing.

Udhëkryq started its ministry in 2001. It has had thousand of campers participating in different camps organized during the summertime each year. For the first time in its short history, Udhëkryq is running a bible school program, starting in 2004.

Come and live in a country where east culturally meets west. Come and see how God has built his church in the last 12 years in a nation that once declared itself as the first atheistic country in the world.

Address: Udhëkryq Bible School, 7 Rruga Rehovës, Ersekë, Kolonjë, Albania
Telephone: +335-812-2113
Office Phone/Fax: +335-812-2113
Student Phone: +335-812-3137
Home Page:



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